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  • Leadership

    Dr. Behnam Analui

    Ph.D. '05, Caltech


    Prof. Hossein Hashemi | USC Viterbi School

    Ph.D. '03, Caltech


    Dr. Adit Narasimha

    Ph.D. '04, UCLA


  • Board of Advisors

    Pirooz Parvarandeh

    CTO, Maxim Integrated (ret.)

    Dr. Ron Reedy | Founding CEO, CTO-Emeritus, Peregrine Semiconductor, now Murata

    Founding CEO, Peregrine-Murata (ret.)

    Bruce Freyman | Executive VP, World-Wide Operations, Skyworks Solutions

    EVP, Skyworks Solutions (ret.)

    Prof. Mina Rais-Zadeh | Abtum Technical Advisor

    Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    Technical Advisor

  • About Our Company


    Radio Frequency (RF) front-end module is a fundamental element in any wireless device. The demand for connectivity and more bandwidth drives a plethora of devices that require high performance RF. Hence, the market for better RF modules continues to grow rapidly.


    Abtum disrupts the RF front-end market by offering highly differentiated, high performance RF filter products, based on Abtum's proprietary technology.


    Abtum is a fabless supplier of high performance RF filter modules. Abtum develops RF Filter and Multiplexer products, e.g., Duplexer or Quadplexer. It works with strategic partners for manufacturing. The product designs are based on Abtum’s disruptive technology and growing IP portfolio.



    Abtum’s initial target market is high-end RF front-end filters for mobile and infrastructure devices to address carrier aggregation and 5G challenges. Market growth is accelerating for RF front-end in this space due to multi-band smartphone penetration, network migration to small-cell and WiFi access points, MIMO, and millimeter-wave 5G bands. Emerging markets and trends, including automotive mobile broadband, and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to drive the growth.








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    January 2015